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Specifics: Printed on 100% acid-free, 80# Lustro OE Dull Cover with the highest UV rated inks available on the market today.

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Have you ever felt as if life was swallowing you whole and there was nothing at all to smile about; or as if you were tiny and insignificant in this world and had nothing to give to others?  Chanda could answer yes…but she chooses not to.  Instead, she has chosen to overcome with a smile when there is nothing to smile about and give to others out of her poverty.  Amidst the dreary circumstances she calls life, Chanda’s beauty and strength rises higher.

Chanda lives in Sermapore, India with her parents and six siblings where one bed sleeps all the children.  Her father is a rickshaw driver and her mother is a maid.  Together they barely bring home enough money to feed their family of 10 with rotted food.  Her father usually returns from work drunk and abusive.  If these circumstances were not grim enough, Chanda was born with Cardiomegaly, commonly known as an enlarged heart.  Her condition causes shortness of breath and extreme fatigue keeping Chanda from basic tasks, but also from her passion – dancing.  Without surgery, her condition would eventually cause an early death.

But, the heart surgery Chanda needed would never have been a possibility for this family except for the work of Calcutta Mercy Ministries.  Through this ministry, Chanda received heart surgery at no cost to her family.  Now, she is able to live without slowing down or avoiding certain activities due to her weak heart…she is even free to dance.  Each of us can give wings to a child in need by giving them a chance to overcome their circumstances too.

*All net proceeds from “Overcome” will be used to medically treat children in need through Calcutta Mercy Ministries.

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