“Breaking Through”

"Breaking Through" - Watercolor by Michele E. Struss.  Prints and notecards available at www.hispaintbrush.com.

Life often finds us bound by circumstances that seem far bigger and stronger than we are.  Helpless and discouraged, we find ourselves living far from our potential and the freedom that we long for.  We look, but see no hope for our tomorrows either.

But regardless of what surrounds us, there is hope for freedom.  When we stop striving and place our lives and circumstances into the hands of Jesus, He has the ability to do the impossible.  There we are given hope, peace and freedom regardless of what our eyes may still see.  Though the circumstances which held us captive may still be present, they now serve as the backdrop to our beauty.  We are not who we were on the other side of the ‘fence’; we are changed because of the work God has done in us through our circumstances which once held us bound.  By God’s grace we have broken through and are free to shine in all our beauty, just like this Hydrangea.

 “He upholds the cause of the oppressed… The LORD sets prisoners free…” Psalm 146:7

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  1. Joanna Leto says:


    I wanted to thank you again from coming to Calvary Church in Delran and sharing your amazing story with us ladies. Your story has touched me and in a way you can’t even imagine. God has blessed you with such an amazing talent, you paintings speak volumes!

    God Bless you and please visit us again!

    Lots of Love,


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